MOVE FORWARD: 3 Truths to Fight Uncertainty

Have you had an idea that you've been sitting on?

I want to encourage you to choose to move forward!

I'm not saying that every idea is perfect or that we shouldn't move forward without prayer, but sometimes ideas in our head can be God's way of answering our questions and prayers.

This morning I realized that there were about 3 or 4 ideas that I had had for my graphic design/web design business that I had just been sitting on instead of acting on. And at the same time, I have been praying, "God, help me grow my business." I know this might seem basic, but sometimes I just dwell in uncertainty instead of acting and trusting that GOD WILL COME THROUGH and that my ideas, even if they're not perfect, can still turn out well and according to His will!

Sarah Hensley Art: St. Louis artist's Watercolor artwork of plants and flowers

One of the major enemies of progress and growth is uncertainty! Uncertainty leads to lack of action. Because taking action is most definitely a risk. BUT IT'S ALSO AN OPPORTUNITY.

Likewise, here are three truths that help fight uncertainty. Hold onto them, and MOVE FORWARD.

1. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Whatever you're doing next, I promise you, it doesn't have to be perfect. Quality is good. Trying hard is good. Working with all your heart to honor God is good (Colossians 3:23). But not moving forward at all because you're not sure if it's good enough is just robbing you of the chance to learn and grow.

Trust me. I come out with art every day and constantly wonder if it's good enough. It doesn't look as good as some of the work of my favorite artists. It's not exact or precise. Sometimes the flowers I paint don't even look like the flower in the picture I was going off of. But my art isn't about that perfection or realism. It's about bringing people joy.

Just a month or so ago, I sold a painting that I had had sitting around for months. I wondered honestly if I should just give up on painting that style of painting (the sunflower ones). I loved creating them, but I haven't found as many opportunities to share them. And then this woman called me. She had seen the painting at a local coffee shop and absolutely loved it. It inspired her so much and she was going to put it in her daughter's room, and the verse I had written on the back was exactly what she needed for her current season of life.

To be honest, I had painted over a previous painting to turn it into a sunflower painting, and that verse applied to the painting that I painted over. But God knew she needed it and that the new painting would resonate with her more. And I just got the chance to create and see what He did with it.

I didn't feel like my painting was perfect or even a style that I've become fully comfortable and confident in. But God used it to make a connection. And I'm one step closer to trusting that He can do something with just about anything we offer him.

(Here are the paintings I got to deliver to her!)

Sarah Hensley Art: st louis artist's sunflower paintings

Sarah Hensley Art: st. louis artist'ssunflower paintings

2. It's okay to start small.

I love big ideas. I absolutely love them.

I love inspiring.

I love thinking big and going for it!

But sometimes that's way too daunting. Hard to wrap my mind around. Just plain scary.

It's okay to start small.

That idea that's in your head- it's okay to do just that as a start.

If it's a big big idea and you need to know what's next, ask God what step to take next. Or do one of the things that comes to mind when you think that big, big idea.

Connect with that person who knows something about your idea.

Start the site.

Make the Pinterest board.

Write it all down.

Brainstorm. Run with it. Do the small things you know are next.

And when the time comes to do the thing after that, you can decide what that "thing after that is."

But don't think that your progress has to be monumental. It's okay to grow it slow and trust God through that process. In grow-it-slow seasons, He' preparing us for the very not slow seasons where we'll really need to trust Him and work from a place of secure vision that we established when things were less busy.

Starting small is just perfect. Do those small things well and KEEP GOING.

3. God loves you enough to protect you.

Last thought.

What if things turn out horribly?

That's what runs through our head when we're doing something risky, right? If we're all honest with ourselves, we're afraid of our idea failing. Our progress coming up short. Our money being wasted. Looking like a fool for it not working out. And, even more often, we're afraid that we aren't even supposed to do it. That if we're unsure and we find out that it wasn't God's will, then it will turn out badly.

Dear friends, God loves you more than that.

I'm not saying that if we follow our ideas to the end everything will turn out perfectly and that we can just get an idea and do it willy-nilly. We need to partner with Him, let Him lead and nudge us, and then act out of His leading. And if we do that we can trust that, even if something doesn't go perfectly smoothly, God is walking right alongside us, ready to help.

A few weeks ago, I was praying about a past situation that I pretty much constantly analyze. I was wondering, "God, should I have just handled that differently, and then it wouldn't have gone that way? Was that my fault?"

Want to know what He said?

He said, "I let that fall apart because it wasn't my will for you."

My goodness.

That reframes everything.

Dear friends, as we're seeking God, He has our best in mind.

This doesn't mean that things will go perfectly how we think. It means that HE WILL SURELY BE WITH US to help us navigate it when we don't and reframe our perspective so that we can move forward with Him.

If you're unsure- about something in the past or present- it's worth it to take that time to sit with Him and ask Him to reframe your thoughts about that situation- to show how present He was and help you make sense of it. So that you can move forward with His thought on the matter and that's it.

God loves us enough to protect us.

As we get ideas that we think are from God, we don't need to be afraid of them. He's more than powerful enough to help us out and shoot them down if it's healthiest. And it's beautiful that we even try.

I used to think that God wanted me to play it safe. To just do things I knew without a doubt that I should do. And then I realized that Jesus was so much more of a risk taker than that. (I mean, yes, He had perfect unity with the Father and could hear God perfectly, so that definitely helps.) But time and time again, he honored and loved his disciples and the people around Him when they took steps of faith, even feebly.

Your heart is in the right place, dear one. Seek Him, then move forward!

If you need more on this, check out this post I wrote a while ago: "You Get What You Go For" about how God started challenging me to go for more without fully understanding why yet!

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