Living in Your Niche

Guys I just wanted to take a second and pray for you. I have been feeling something beautiful lately, and I want to pray that God CONTINUES BRINGING IT. HE IS BRINGING IT FOR US.

photo by Jihanna Hogge

What is the abundant life you’ve been wanting? And I don’t just mean abundant money. (Abundant money may be part of it or a means to it, but I mean ABUNDANCE OF ALL THINGS GOOD. And that’s different.)

So what does abundant life look like for you?

Here we go. Let’s pray.

So God we ask for this. We partner in prayer in front of You. Right in front of You. First, we’re going to remember- You. Are King Jesus. You’re big. And good. Oh so good. And so we remember who You are. We know You are most definitely King. You rule over all, and we’re bringing Your Kingdom here. Right. Now. Thank You Jesus.

We partner with Your Holy Spirit. Your Holy Spirit is powerful. And right in us. And so thank You Jesus for sending the Holy Spirit to be our comforter, counselor and guide. We need it.

So we ask- we ask for abundance. Jesus. There are dreams that have been on our hearts for years. YEARS. And you’re saying that it’s coming. We are expectant. But this isn’t dependent on our expectancy. Because You are King. So we don’t rely on just our own hope. We rely on the power of the Holy Spirit and on You Jesus to execute your dominion on this earth in this area- in the area of our dreams.

God give us more than we want.

Give us more than we want.

Thank You Jesus. Now we’re going to see what You do.

Thank You, Lord. You are beyond good and we love you.

Thanks for praying, friends. Let’s see what He does. Amen.

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