Sifting Through

I tend to write most in seasons of transition. I guess that’s when I need it most. (And when I usually have the most time.) It’s when I do need to let my head wander and just… see what happens.

How do you cope with transition? With having an abundance of thoughts? With trying to figure out what you’re thinking?

I’m not sure what I would do without writing.

I guess the thing about transitions is that there is a void to fill.

And you know what writing does? It starts putting words to what that might be… what that void might be filled with.

What is rolling around in my head about what I might like the future to look like.

So that I don’t unintentionally just land on the next thing and not even have thought about it. Thought about if I actually want it or not.

I was sitting on a patio with a friend last night talking about deciding what we want.

Boy oh boy isn’t that a hard thing?

Why is that so hard?

I feel like it used to come more easily. Bam. Know what I want.

Not anymore.

But something she brought up was- I used to regularly think about it all the time when I was younger. I’d just sit with an open journal and write…

Sift intentionally through everything happening in my heart. Pray and shape it. Cross some things out with good intention because I was realizing what I didn’t want.

And then life got busy. I went with the flow. (That’s a good skill too.)

But in transition- It’s time to get back to that much-needed intentionality. To sift through again

And again. And to ask God to align my desires with His will.

And keep praying.

And oftentimes that looks like writing.

I’m not sure how you sift through. But whatever sifting through looks like, I know it’s worth it to take the time.

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