What Freedom Looks Like

What does freedom look like to you?

To me, freedom looks like this:

It looks like sitting outside in the morning with the time freedom to listen to God. To connect with Him. To start my day in prayer. Because I can control my own schedule and do what is best for myself and what is best for my relationship with God. Time freedom. Freedom to go outside. Work wherever I want. Have my own flow to my day.

I don’t get this every day. But when I do. I feel like myself. I feel like who He made me to be. I feel more in tune with His goals for my day. For His ideas for my life. I feel free. Just open. Able to receive and listen and do whatever He has for me that day (even amidst my momentary freak-outs).

I’m writing this, though, not because that’s what your freedom looks like. I’ve discovered this is how I’m free to live with God and do what I need to do.

But what does that look like for you?

Every person is so different. We all have the same basic needs, but every person’s relationship with themselves, God, and the flow of their daily life and what they need is completely different. The question is- what is best for you? And where is God leading you? What space feels like freedom to you? Is He leading you into that open, free space? Or is he calling you to stay where you are for now and see what that’s supposed to look like?

Here are a few things I’ve noticed about spaces I feel free in:

  • When I am free I have the time I need to talk to God.

  • When I am free I am able to calm down, not go through my whole day continuously anxious

  • When I am free I have the mental space to love others better

  • When I am free I feel alive

  • When I am free I can easily point to the things I love

  • When I am free I can also tell more easily when something isn’t good for me or not a fit

  • When I am free I am open to what God has for me and I’m not just depending on myself to make everything happen

  • When I am free I don’t have to worry as much- I am trusting Him for provision

I love these free spaces. So despite how seasons of life may change, I deeply deeply appreciate this space of freedom. Of what that looks like for me. And I trust that He will show me how to navigate it, how to keep it if that is His will, and then how to honor Him in the midst of it and show my thankfulness and love for Him by how I live in this season.

I pray if He’s calling you into a different season of different freedom (not that it has to look like mine)--- that you would take the plunge and ask for the next step. If you are afraid, that you would ask Him more questions and wait for His answer. And that if He has already given you an answer about what’s next and what freedom is for you, that He would give you the strength to step forward.

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