You're Not Stuck

Dear Friend,

Don't like what you're doing? Change it.

Every once in a while I get hit with the realization that I am in control of my day. You think it'd be obvious, right?

Sometimes it's easy to get our heads stuck down in the weeds. I want to ask something simple.

Do you like what you're doing?

Does it bring you joy?

Is this where you wanted to be?

Is it where you're called by God to be?

Now, I'm down for some serious work and doing things we're called by God to do even if we don't like it, but if you're not directly called by God to do it and to work through this season, then why not do what you love?

This is just a small reminder. You don't have to be stuck. You can choose something different today.

Not feeling like you're in your niche? Do something else. Look at what you love and learn what it would take to get THERE. I used to have so many more personal goals. And I think the reason they disappeared is because I stopped acting on them.

I was recently on vacation and got a lot of my joy back through rest, and I also remembered a lot of the small things I wanted to do that I had just been holding off on.

Like, I love going to coffee shops every morning and talking with people. But so often I stay home or sleep in or just want to save the money. Sometimes that's good, but it energizes me to see people. So I should go do that.

There are friends I love so much but I haven't seen them in months. What's wrong with that? I should reach out.

I freelance so I can totally schedule my day in a way that I love. I should do that.

A lot of this takes just remembering what we love and then deciding what else isn't worth doing.

Lately I have been making an effort to be on my phone less. And that's helped me recover so much lost time. Every time I aimlessly wander my apps I've wasted about 5 minutes of my life. Like 20 times a day. That's an hour reading Grapes of Wrath that I've been trying to finish for like 5 months. So it's a choice. I can get my head stuck in my phone OR read the book I'm really energized by and love reading.

I don't have to constantly audit my actions, but when it comes to actually doing things I love in life, let's get rid of all the other stuff.

Time is finite. For now at least.

I'd love a real answer about this from you if you want to share. Sometimes it helps to share. Shoot me a message and I'd love to hear what you love that you haven't been doing as much. I'm working on it too. Let's do this.

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