Overwhelmed: Finding healthy patterns of life for your personality

While I was curling my hair this morning, the word "overwhelmed" found its way into my head. I'm not saying that I was feeling overwhelmed. I was thinking over the past year- 2018. And how there were so many times that I was just utterly overwhelmed.

These thoughts started because I was thinking about the tasks I've had recently and how, although completely new, they're not overwhelming. Is there something about the tasks themselves and the way they fit my personality that helps me be able to conquer rather than feeling overwhelmed?

I think somehow now I have the emotional space to get myself together. You know, I can breathe a bit. I don't feel confronted on all sides like I had in the past year. There are now other elements and patterns that are good for me in my life that are fundamentally in place. And that set the stage for me conquering the hard things. Some of these things for me are...

Rest. I feel so much more like myself when I have at least seven hours of sleep. I'm more productive if I take the time to sleep then work hard the other hours than get up too soon and feel less motivated because I want sleep. It's an easy thing to overlook. But super necessary.

Aloneness. Now, I don't want to be alone all of the time, but there's a good amount of thinking that I do in my alone time that is really healthy and prepares me for the times when I have less time to think. And when I need to give to others.

Reward + Enjoying Myself. Because I have some flexibility of schedule, I can set rewards for myself. (Like, if I get that one thing done that I don't really want to do, then I can go make myself some more coffee... Instead of getting up every 5 minutes to do something other than what I need to be doing.)

Because I know I'm going to have time to enjoy myself, this motivates me to work hard. I can tell when I've been playing too much. In the sense that, I'm in control of my schedule and also God has given me these things to do. He has blessed me with a way to make money and help people through that. He has blessed me with school. I need to do well with those things. And when I work hard, I enjoy my rest and reward of getting to do things that require less responsibility.

Morning Time. I like my morning. (Sometimes morning for me is 10 am to noon.) That's my most creative time. My most restful time. The time that I'm just getting going and feel most myself. I've been ever more thankful that I can have control of this time that I value the most and feel the most fulfilled. It prepares me to enter into other tasks more fully and focused. I get to keep my best hours for myself, my time with God, and my creating time. I get to use the hours I enjoy less for the tasks I enjoy less. Makes sense, right? It's made a huge difference in my mindset every day.

All of these patterns help me not feel overwhelmed.

They're obviously not strictly enforced, but, more than anything, God has given me the time to pay attention to what feels healthiest for me and my relationship with Him, and all of these patterns are part of my life at its healthiest. They help me feel less overwhelmed, function in my purpose, and feel like my favorite self.

(Another cool note. I'm writing again. They've opened the way up for creativity again in my life. Creativity, for me, is a result of rest and time to think. Feeling secure and productive. Confident enough to add something and believe the validity of my own thoughts- not that they're perfect- but that they're formulated with enough confidence to create something. And share it.)

Some questions to think on:

What patterns in your day make you feel the most like yourself?

When do you feel the most joy?

What settles you down?

When can you think clearly?

What would help you conquer what you're currently needing to get done from an area of strength and trust, rather than fear?

Would love to know your thoughts!

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