Step One Don't Freak Out: Planning to Get Where You Want to Go

I've started spending 1 hour of each day thinking about where I'm going.

It started because I needed to have an official business plan for SHensley Art, and it's definitely going to be something I continue.

What do I do with that 1 hour?

Think about where I'm going. Think about my business goals. The goals I have for my message- for what I share with people. What I write. How I want it to go. Who I want to connect with. What type of work I want to do. Dreams for now. And dreams for later. What I really want out of my artwork. What I think it has to offer. Planning to be profitable. And planning on what to invest in. Planning rewards for when I do well. And deciding what "doing well" looks like.

Yesterday was the first day I started my business plan. The first day I decided to work on it for just 1 hour.

Honestly, it was a challenge at first to start it and set aside the hour. Because many ideas were coming up in my mind of things to do that seemed more like "doing something." Like actually painting. You know, for my painting business. So shouldn't I be painting more?

Yes. But no.

Planning gives direction. It helps me know what I'm doing. And what I'm not. It helps me not freak out. And know that there is more to come. Without the planning, I'm just doing small actions without thinking about where they lead. Where do I really want to go? Am I set up for success? Am I heading a direction? And are the small actions that I'm doing (like painting) leading up to the big action that I hope for. I know it's typical goal planning. But it's harder to accomplish than it seems when you think about all of the small to-dos that are possible in one day. So I've started my 1 hr of planning.

First it will be business planning. Then it will be marketing planning, networking planning, event planning, product planning, website improvement planning... let's say I've got options. And all of the options will make sure I get where I'm wanting to go.

Is it a challenge for you to plan? Maybe just start with thinking about where you want to go. That's a good way to start. Then as you clarify that you'll be able to start thinking about what you need to do to get there.

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