Back to Where We Were

I'm back with God to where I was a year ago.

And it's so good.

Let me explain.

This morning as I was journaling and praying, God said

"Tell me your hopes."

What a refreshing thing to hear.

I've spent the last year with regretfully less time with God. Okay maybe "regretfully" isn't the way to put it, because it doesn't cause that same pang that regret does.

"Unfortunately" and "Unrestfully" would be better descriptors.

My soul hasn't had the rest it has needed in God's presence in the past year.

It's been run ragged. Bent out of shape. Wondering. Stressed. Working. Constant.

Doing it's own thing.

And one thing I have been lacking.

Is hope.

When I moved to St. Louis a couple years ago now, God kept asking me one question... In fact He had been asking me that same question about 6 months before that even.

"What do you want?"

And in most cases I wasn't always sure what I wanted. And was wondering why God would ask me that so much. It taught me that God cares about my heart. And He wants to hear it. He wants to hear what's in there.

So this morning I sat down with God and He said, "What do you hope for?"

And it reminded me of a year ago. When I had time to be with Him. And He asked "What do you want?"

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