Beautiful. Good. Today.

I've been learning to live life unmanageable. Life that's a bit rougher around the edges. Life that is abundant. Where days are full and so is my heart. Where I'm not sure how much I can take probably in a good way. Where I'm expanding and loving and being bolder. Almost so much that it hurts. Because it's a challenge. It's a challenge to fill days that were once full of rest. It's a challenge to say yes when I'm used to saying no. It's a challenge to be brave and not always feel in balance but know that God holds me up. He most surely holds me up. Usually my brokenness and unsureness comes right before I go to bed. I think of all the things of the next day and I think, "maybe I should just cancel. Maybe I've overdone it. Maybe this is too much..." And then I wake up in the morning... and my perspective has changed. I'm a bit more rested. A bit more joyful. And I suddenly realize. This very day is the day my God has made for me. Oh, it is full. Oh, there is a lot that will happen in this day. But it is beautiful good. Beautiful. Good. And I'm thankful.  

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