Courage, Make Me

Courage is no small thing to muster.

And it's always the hardest to muster when you need it most.

Courage always works that way. Have you noticed that?

At the very moment you need it most, courage seems to be quiet.

And fear seems to be loud.

But that is the only way that courage works.

Courage is for the big moments- the moments where it is desperately, desperately needed.

Courage is for the moments where if you don't come through for yourself or someone else, maybe no one will. And that's too large a price to pay.

Courage comes at the point where losing whatever freedom is available suddenly becomes more costly than the fear that you're holding onto so desperately.

It comes at the point where it would cost you more to not move ahead. Where the price of remaining trapped in fear becomes too great...

that's when courage is needed.

And so we move forward.


I've noticed, courage is only needed in moments of deep need

and potential disaster.

And in those moments we see our true selves.

Correction, we become our true selves.

These moments are opportunities.

Opportunities to grow into who we were made to be.

And so I jump in wholeheartedly.

Courage, make me.


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