Something about rest

I enter into today with more peace than I’ve had in the past two weeks.

I’m learning that my body

My person

All that makes up my being

Has a lot of parts.

And each of those parts affects how I function in my daily life.

I am a spirit.

I am a body.

I am a heart.

These things make me up.

They interact. They affect each other.

Last week, on a very practical level, I struggled to get enough sleep.

I was worried, and it was wearing on my body. In unhealthy ways. But I was also so busy that I couldn’t quiet my mind to get to that place of rest.

And, in that worried, tired, concerned state of not-well-being, I was trying desperately to hear the voice of God.

To not miss a thing that He had for me.

At the height of my tiredness, I couldn’t discern. It got to a point where I couldn’t tell what I felt His peace about anymore.

God said that He leaves peace with me, and that God’s peace is what will help me discern what His perfect will is.

And because of the state of my body, I couldn’t get there.

Because of the state of my heart- because of my worry- I couldn’t properly test and weigh out what the will of God was in my moments where I needed to.

There is something to be said for rest.

Something to be said for taking care of the temples that we have been given.

Something to be said for balance.

Sometimes God calls us to wade into deep, unbalanced waters for a time where we are desperately forced to rely on Him.

But much of the time, I also am responsible for setting aside whatever is needed- time, emotional space, food, time with God- to make sure I take care of each part of me.

I am a spirit.

I am a body.

I am a heart.

What does each of those parts of me need this week?

""You can't live, you can't love, you can't even sleep well at night without the restoration of your soul." - John Eldredge, Restoration of the Heart

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