You are Brave

Good morning.

(It is indeed a good morning.)

God told me this a little bit ago.

He said,

How endearing.

He knows the exact words that I need to hear.

When I need to hear them.

How I need to hear them.

He has been using that name for me lately.

Dear one.

I've been in a season of fear currently. And with that has come much bravery.

Or at least I'll say opportunities for bravery.

There have been shining moments

where I catch a glimpse of possibility

And in His grace He says,

"Go for it."

In that phrase, there is a sense of freedom.

I can have what He is offering.

If I will take it.

If I will take it.

If I will take it.

Each fear-wrought moment

creates an opportunity to exercise bravery

and take hold of blessing.

If I will take it.

Will I take hold?

Will this dear one trust that God does indeed have good things for me?

Will I trust that He will provide if I step out?

Will I trust Him when He says He wants to bless me.

There are times when the opportunity has arisen for bravery

that I know I am supposed to do that thing He is calling me to do,

and then I get this sense that my choice is made clear.

I can choose to step into the blessing He has for me.

Or not.

And I know in that moment that if I don't

I will indeed miss it.

It's not a desperate, worried realization. I'm not afraid I'll miss it.

I just suddenly know in that moment that

if I don't take that moment to be brave

I'll miss the blessing.

So here it is.

God holds His hands out, open with gifts for the taking.

He wants desperately to lavish gifts upon his dear one.

But He also is teaching me to be brave enough to take the gifts that He has for me

and be brave in the moment.

And claim them as my own.

He is rooting out my fears.

And giving His dear one gifts at the same time.

#fear #bravery #courage #love

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