You Get What You Go For

A phrase popped into my mind the other day, and God has been giving me opportunities lately (maybe tests of courage) to live it out.

You get what you go for.


You see, for me this is a new perspective.

Previously, the way I related to God and doing what He wanted to do went like this:

God would say He was going to do something for me or through me, or He’d give me an inkling of what He was doing,

And then it would happen.

But now,

Things are different.

He has been telling me something to do,

He has been asking me what I want,

And then He says,


And my next thought is, “Oh, crap.”

The other day, I knew there was something He wanted me to go for. He opened up an opportunity for me, and I debated all day whether I should take it.

There was a point where I had probably decided that I wasn’t going to, and then I just felt Him say very seriously,

“If you don’t do this, you will miss out on a blessing that I have for you.”

I was still scared, but Him saying that put it in perspective for me.

There are blessings right in front of me for the taking.

Will I choose them?

What will I do with my fear? Will I listen to it?

He has been placing opportunities right in front of me. He has been placing people right in front of me. He has been placing His will right in front of my eyes.

But in order to get it, He’s now asking me to take hold.

You get what you go for.

Turned around, this phrase is also true:

What you go for, you get.

He means it.

What a promise.

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