Let Sunflower Season Begin!

Oh joy! Today is a good day.

The past two weeks have been filled with painting, coffee, walking, climbing, joyful creativity, small poems, spring break...

pure joy. (For my heart at least. All of these things bring me so much joy!)

With all of those beautiful, glorious, heart-filling activities has come something unexpected-

an amazing, rejuvenating desire within me to paint sunflowers.

Let sunflower painting season begin!

Since I just recently moved to St. Louis, I'm still in the process of rebuilding my inventory from the move, which means I get to paint, A LOT. And I've been taking my inspiration from my daily adventures.

It feels like a new beginning where the message God is shouting excitedly is loud and clear:


Sunflowers have always been a sign of new beginnings for me. Three years ago, I left school after one year. In the months after I left, I painted sunflowers upon sunflowers upon sunflowers.

Then, the message was growth.

God was saying that it was a season ripe for growth and blooming.

Everything starts as a seed.

So let it begin.

Daily adventures have been sowing seeds in my heart and giving me inspiration to paint, so I figured I'd share a little bit of what's been my jam in life lately and brought me a ridiculous ton of joy!

Van Gogh has been a trusty companion and inspiration.

Yellow and blue have been following me around, and I couldn't be happier about it. (And amazingly cool looking vintage trucks, apparently.)

And in the middle of it, God has blessed me with an abundance of time with Him drinking coffee. He knows what my heart needs to start well. To create well. Be brave well. Gain strength well. (Oh, man, he knows what I need.)

Most good things start small.

Most things start quiet.

Most things start in rest seasons,

where we silently wait for God to fill the void that we leave open for only Him.

Let painting season begin.

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