This Is the Church

We are the Church.

The resurrection power of Jesus Christ lives inside of us. Although God can be in a building and inhabit the church when it gathers, it doesn’t have to be at a certain time or on a certain day. Oh, yes, God loves loves loves our commitment. He loves consistency.

But the Church is inside us.

The Church is wherever we are.

The Church comes when we gather with others and love them fully and well and show them the glory of Jesus Christ who lives inside of us.

So what are the requirements for the Church?

Being with people. And being with Jesus.

What does it look like sometimes?

It looks like love.

It looks like being present.

It looks like following the Spirit.

It looks like worship. And that might look like…

Rock climbing and using my body for God’s glory.

Worshipping with music that brings me joy and makes me smile and thank God.

Journaling for hours.


Enjoying Him.

Sometimes worship is together.

And sometimes worship is separate and individual.

Sometimes my Sunday morning looks like sitting with God and journaling for hours.

Sometimes my Sunday morning looks like writing with Him. Creating something.

This morning I woke up expectant.

Because I was excited and ready to go sit in the presence of God and just let Him minister to me and be with me. Because I need His presence. I need to get refilled by Him. And you know what our conversation was like?

He wanted me to tell Him my worries.

And so I did.

And He spoke back to sooth my fears.

But He also led me to start creating. To write poetry. To pour out things He has put inside of me.

Creating is worship.

And then I felt led to go climbing.

And I knew that was worship too.

And when I walked in, I knew I was bringing Him glory.

Being myself is worship. Taking time to strengthen the body He has given me is worship.

Taking time for rest is worship.

So I climbed with Him and prayed for people He led me to pray for.

I ended up running into two people I had met a few weeks earlier at the gym and getting to talk to them about their routes and week. And then I went to another part of the gym and ran into this guy I first met while sitting at the bar at a local coffee shop a few weeks ago who happens to climb too.

And suddenly I knew this was the Church.

This was the community He meant. He didn’t mean for it to be contained. He didn’t mean for it to have to be this weekly thing, although consistency is good.

The Church and the ministry of Jesus Christ is right inside of me. And right now, it looks like going to a climbing gym, seeing people at a local coffee shop and intersecting with them, running into people… and loving them then and there. Right when they need it. Right when I intersect with them.

It’s not as complicated as we make it.

Love isn’t as complicated as we make it.

Being Jesus isn’t as complicated as we make it.

Being Jesus is being with Jesus and being with people. And He fills the rest in.

That’s the Church.

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