Such a Time as This. On Resting and Waiting.

A writing conference I've been at for the past 4 days just ended. I absorbed so much information. Beautiful, deep, good, instructive, challenging, mind-boggling, helpful information. And so the big question is... What next? I know I love to write. I have some book projects I'm working on. But what next?

So the conference ended. Many people headed to a hayride in the mountains. And I went to have some introvert time at dinner by myself (as much as a hayride in the mountains does sound awesome and mystical and fun). But I needed my time.

So dinner. Me. That happened. And meanwhile I'm thinking, "What do I do with all of this information? What outlets does God want me to use? How do I move forward?" And as I got back to my room, so thankfully, this verse popped into my head to settle the waves of confusion and as an answer to my subtle cry through it for discernment:

"And Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and men."

Luke 2:52.

He told me. There was my answer. I am in a growing season. Let it be.

Beautiful things come out of rest and silence.

I lose myself in the busyness. And my God knows that. He undeniably knows that.

There is something beautiful and comforting in the fact that even Jesus had time to grow. Three years of intense ministry were preceded by "and Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and men."

All that preparation. Sheer living. Day to day what-seems-like nothingness. Then ministry. Intense pouring out to the point that he'd go hide far out of town in order to have time with God. Ministry.

It's tempting. To rush into seasons of doing before God calls me to. It's tempting. But I know- if I do that in this season instead of resting and growing- my heart won't be ready for the season of ministry that He HAS appointed for me.

I'm not saying my every day life can't be ministry. But there is such a time as this. And when "such a time as this" comes, I don't want to be too tired to be courageous. And to live out fully what He has planned for me in that season.

This is my prayer. That we would ebb and flow with the Holy Spirit. That He would be it for us. That He would fill us completely with His Holy Spirit and give us discernment about what season He says we're in. That His peace would abide in us and keep us steady. That we would know what to do with all the opportunities thrown our way. And that we would say only yes to the things that He also says yes to. So that we are prepared tenderly, intentionally, and restfully by Him for our "such a time as this." Whenever that is.

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