I’ve heard it all over. And I’ve felt it myself. I feel like this time is a time for redefining priorities.

When everything is stripped away you’re reminded of what you really want.

It’s a struggle. But with a benefit.

Lately there’s been a push in my life. To remove things that aren’t what I really want and need. To hunker down. Find support. Remember what’s core and what’s important. Have you been feeling it too? Like a pulse to do what matters again. Whatever that looks like.

There are dreams I’ve had that have resurfaced. Ideas of who I should be and wanted to be that have been clarified… some stripped away. A new stage.

A new stage.

Does it feel scary?

Quite a bit.


Of course.

By all means not easy.

But it feels like the good type of scary. You know, when you’re in that healthy place doing things that are good for you and you know th...

I got to live one of my all-time dreams and visit a sunflower field

Sunflower field located at Columbia Bottom Conservation Area

Do you ever feel guilty about doing what you love?

That might sound weird but lately as I’ve been pursuing painting more (what i love and what feels so good and natural for me), I get this feeling of....

Why do I get to do this thing that feels so easy and good for me?

Shouldn’t I do something harder?

It’s not the feeling of “oh I should challenge myself more and grow.” That is good.

It’s... shouldn’t I have to be in the grind too? Like so many other people are?

A guilt for living and doing the thing that feels best for me.

The thing is- what if I actually let that hold me back? What if instead of pushing that thought out and pushing through and saying NO. THIS IS WHAT I LOVE TO DO...

What if I just went and got a day job?


(Note- there is NO shame in a day job. I have just learned what works for me and what brings me joy and feels like m...

I tend to write most in seasons of transition. I guess that’s when I need it most. (And when I usually have the most time.) It’s when I do need to let my head wander and just… see what happens.

How do you cope with transition? With having an abundance of thoughts? With trying to figure out what you’re thinking?

I’m not sure what I would do without writing.  

I guess the thing about transitions is that there is a void to fill.

And you know what writing does? It starts putting words to what that might be… what that void might be filled with.

What is rolling around in my head about what I might like the future to look like.

So that I don’t unintentionally just land on the next thing and not even have thought about it. Thought about if I actually want it or not.

I was sitting on a patio with a friend last night talking about deciding what we want.


What does freedom look like to you?

To me, freedom looks like this:

It looks like sitting outside in the morning with the time freedom to listen to God. To connect with Him. To start my day in prayer. Because I can control my own schedule and do what is best for myself and what is best for my relationship with God. Time freedom. Freedom to go outside. Work wherever I want. Have my own flow to my day.

I don’t get this every day. But when I do. I feel like myself. I feel like who He made me to be. I feel more in tune with His goals for my day. For His ideas for my life. I feel free. Just open. Able to receive and listen and do whatever He has for me that day (even amidst my momentary freak-outs).

I’m writing this, though, not because that’s what your freedom looks like. I’ve discovered this is how I’m free to live with God and do what I need to...

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